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Rigid PVC plastic film

Mataeron is a crystal clear, general-purpose PVC film engineered for thermoforming applications,

printing applications, folding box applications and ESD packaging applications.

This material has excellent formability, super transparency, low stress whitening, and die cutting properties.

Our the most advanced calendering technology allow us to deliver films in exactly to your requirements and specifications.

And the most unique shrinkage characteristic would provide you eDrumming fwhich would eMataeronfallowsfaster heating, faster forming and reduce webbing and blowing out on even the most demanding applications.

The quest for new technologies has
brought about a revolution in light packaging

It is time when 1955 year when we had started the production of the hard vinyl chloride film and the seat had exactly attached to the cord of high economic growth by Japan. The demand for the vinyl chloride seat showed a remarkable expansion as materials for a new wrapping, and various demands arose at the same time. Concentrating a state-of-the-art technology and original knowhow to answer them adequately and having succeeded in development are hard vinyl chloride seat "[Mataeron]" and Japan is answering all needs in the United States and each country of the China and others world from the beginning. .