Standard list

Product name  Use,specificatuin 
P-707  For playing cards, white 
PC-707NG  For credit cards, white 
PM-W  Matted, White 
PM-O  Matted, colored without white 
PM-C  Matted, transparent 
PM-VW  Matted, weatherability, colored 
C-CUP  For cups in general, transparent 
C-ICE For thermoforming, low-temperature resistance, transparent 
HI-ICE  For thermoforming, low-temperature resistance, hard-drawing, transparent 
O-ICE For thermoforming, low-temperature resistance, colored
C-FRV-S  Fruit packaging, with silicon-oil coated 
C-FRV-N  Fruit pacaging 
C-EGS  Egg packaging, with silicon-oil coated 
C-FDV  Food packaging 
C-MSF-N  For thermoforming in general, transparent 
C-MSF-S  For thermoforming in general, wiht silicon-oil coated, transparent 
O-MSF-S  For thermoforming in general, with silicon-oil coated, colored 
O-MSF-N For thermoforming in generai, colored
C-MSF-ND For thermoforming in general, antifogging, transparent 
CB-S  For blister packaging, with silicon-oil coater,transparent
CB-N  For blister packaging, transparent 
B-AS-2-N  For semiconductor parts trays, with anitistatic agent coated, translucent 
B-AS-1-S For bister packaging, antistatic, with silicon-oil coated, transparent 
B-UV-S  For thermoforming, weatherability, with silicon-oil coated, transparent 
CF-ET2  For clear cases, antistatic,anti-clouding, transparent 
OF-ET2  For clear cases, antistatic, anti-clouding, colored 
B-V-AS  For thermofoming, weatherability, antistatic, transparent 
ON-N  For punching, colord 
CN-C  For punching, transparent 
FK  For flocking, colored 
OW-V For industrial use (ex. cooling tower fillier) 
CB-S-MO  For blister packaging, hi-impact, with silicon-oil coated, transparent 
CB-N-MO  For blister packaging, hi-impact, transparent
CF-ET2000  For clear cases, antistatic, anti-clouding, transparent 
CF-ETU  For clear cases, UV-curing printing, antistatic, anti-clouding, transparent 
B-AS-1-N  For blister packaging, antistatic, transparent 
B-AS-3 For blister packaging, antistatic, anti-clouding, with silicon-oiil coated, transparent 
B-UV-N For thermofoming, weatherability, transparent 
C-MSF-L  For laminating, transparent 
 O-MSF-L  For laminating, colored