Company history

Jan.1956  Company establishmentManufacturing PVC sheets is started in
         It has the oldest history in the industry.

May.1961  It starts the construction of the Konoike improvement for the expansion
         of production as the amount of the order increases great.。

Jul.1962  All of the headquarters and the headquarters business is moved to
        the Konoike factory at the same time as completing the Konoike

Jul.1963  The Tokyo office is established for the demand and the sales
        network expansion of the Kanto district customer.

Nov.1970  Production system completion of 30,000t Konoike headquarters office
         new building completion a year.

Aug.1991  It starts a headquarters factory overall repair.
        The factory building is built, and high-ranking stability,
        the stepped-up production of the quality, and the labor saving are
        attempted by efficient equipment.

Mar.1993  New factory. Period completion
       【System to make good product from good environment cheaply
        easily, and early】
        It drinks, it achieves, it advances steadily,
        and the system of 40,000t in the annual output.

Jan.2002  Construction of corporate information system using IT.
        The headquarters office is greatly repaired.

Dec.2003  It starts the period repair work of the headquarters factory increasing
        the order amount of overseas.